I'm bursting to share something a little different today ...

A peek into the life of my own two little boys ...

And through a new medium, a short (tiny, really) film!  I have been sharing daily images from my personal Project 365 over on my Facebook blog The Biscuit Diaries, but thought that this deserved a little mention over here too.  

I hope that you enjoy the film, and if you would love something similar for your own family, drop me a line and let's chat!  I think it speaks for itself so I wanted to dedicate the rest of this post to the wonderful Emily Mitchell over at Everyday Films.  Not only is she a super talented family lifestyle videographer and photographer, she is a generous, dedicated and meticulous teacher.  I finished the first run of her course DSLR Video Storytelling almost a month ago, and it was totally the inspiration and kick in the bum that I needed to put some muscle behind my vague idea of moving into family films.  

If you are at all interested in learning about shooting and editing video with your DSLR camera, I highly encourage you to check out Emily's course.  It covers the entire process from setting up your camera and shooting the video footage, colour grading and music selection, to editing the video and audio into a short film, and commercial aspects such as pricing.  She goes into just the right amount of detail especially on the technical and artistic aspects, has plenty of instructional videos, and gives precise and thoughtful feedback on your assignments.  

If you are curious about what it feels like to move into videography - I won't lie, it's not a cakewalk but it has been so incredibly rewarding to see the joy that viewing this little film has brought to my family - or anything else, please do leave me a comment or drop me a line!