When is a good time to get some images that really reflect what you are like as a couple?  Pretty much anytime, in my books.  Pre-wedding, post-wedding, pre-baby, post-baby ... If you are up for a laid-back session just hanging out and really talking to and connecting with each other - no props, no fancy dress, no romance novel poses - I could be your gal.  

Gavin & Sarah were totally on-board with the stripped-back approach that I take.  They laughed, they embraced, they teased each other ... simply because that is what they are like together, not because they thought it would look good in a photograph.  It's hard work creating an experience where true intimacy is not lost in the context of a photo session, which is why I insist on an environment which is an honest part of the couple's lives.  We spent some time relaxing in their new apartment and walking around the neighbourhood, and Gavin & Sarah ran with it, by which I mean they did pretty much whatever they would do together on an ordinary weekend.