Hey there, I'm Kerry

Sooo this is the part where I’m meant to tell you about myself and maybe convince you that I am THE photographer for you.  I find this all a little awkward, so to break the ice I’m going to do what I’d do in real life and let you in on something embarrassing about myself.

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I’m a mother of two young boys, and most of the time I feel like I’m failing at this parenting gig.  I’m often harried, worried that my kids are not behaving, that they’re making a mess.  My insides seize up a little everytime someone tells me that I should treasure these moments anyway because one day my kids will grow up and flee the coop.  I can’t see it in the moment, because I’m too busy dealing with all the memory-making stuff happening around me. 

Yet I know that under the daily drudgery and fire-fighting, there are memories worth holding on to.  There are little moments where I surface long enough to see the cheeky glint in my son’s eyes as he dances in his underwear; to chuckle (nervously) as one brother chases the other around the bookcase; to drink in the unbridled giggles of a toddler being tickled or swung upside down; to marvel at how his hair turns from black to brown in the path of the setting sun. 

I imagine that my kids’ memories of our days together will differ from mine.  I hope that they’ll remember the books that their dad reads to them every day; the board games that we are now beginning to enjoy together; how my face changes when they come up to give me a kiss; how their dad laughs when they say something completely silly or profoundly wise.

I’m desperate to observe and document all these little habits and quirks that often get lost in our busy days.  To tell the story of our lives from different angles and perspectives, through different mediums.

If you somehow see yourself in what I described above, and want a visual history for your family that respects and celebrates how you are together, please please please get in touch.  I don’t believe a photo or video collection should depict what your family would look like if only you dressed better, behaved better, smiled all the time and had the perfect furnishings.  I don’t have any magic formulas that will transform you into a shiny model family.  I don’t have a mental jigsaw that I want to fit you into.  What I have is genuine curiosity, empathy and a wicked sense of humour.  My goal is for your photos and videos to impact, not impress.

So don’t worry about unruly children, overeager pets, a house that’s not straight out of an interior design magazine, or being in front of the camera yourself.  The only thing I ask is that you are truly invested in being engaged with each other for the duration of our shoot.  I know that it’s a longer stretch of time than many of us naturally spend with our attention fully on our family members, so think of this as the only artifice I will ask of you.  Otherwise just kick back, be you, and let me do all the work.

I’m Social! (On good days …)

Besides the Red Bus Photography Facebook page, I also share some photos of my boys along with my other photographic interests on Instagram.  Come by and see what we've been up to!

I work mainly with families (thank you, all of you!), but I also love shooting laid-back couples and the occasional commercial spot for businesses looking for fresh, punchy images that reach out and grab you by the heart. If you have any questions or comments for me, I’d love to hear from you - drop me an e-mail directly here or fill in the contact form below.

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