Another family shoot in the Singapore Botanic Gardens to follow up my last post, but with a different look and feel entirely because of the family.  I find that outdoor shoots in the same locations run the risk of looking the same, if the majority of the session is focused say on a few tried and tested poses (e.g. sitting on a mat and smiling for the camera).  Letting the family roam and play freely is sometimes a bit more challenging, but makes for more personal and meaningful imagery.

The Thams already had a few favourite activities in the Gardens from their regular weekend visits, and were up and ready for a morning of fun and family bonding.  Alongside brother Evan, little Nadia in particular was curious and eager to explore as a brand new toddler, even in the face of some bold birds and one angry looking swan!  I must admit to being a bit more nervous than usual ahead of this shoot, as Dawn is an old friend with experience and impeccable taste across many spheres of life, including the creative.  On this sunny morning however, she and Billy were first and foremost parents enjoying some free play with their young, active children, and I hope that these images help them remember a little of the plentiful joy and laughter from this period in all their lives!