I thought that finding sufficient superlatives was going to be the toughest thing about writing this blog post.  I was wrong.  30 minutes spent trying to whittle down the highlights to a manageable yet representative number, and I am throwing in the towel and settling for manageable.  

The Touchauds were an absolute dream to photograph.  The only reason I am certain that they are real, is that my imagination cannot possibly be rich enough to conjure up such a dynamic, colourful, funny, personable family.  From the very moment that I stepped into their home, they were nothing but warm, inviting, open and playful.  Alexandra said that they had never had a family photoshoot before … I don’t know if they were this relaxed in front of my camera because or in spite of this.  We chased cats, practiced yoga, ate homebaked Fathers’ Day cookies, read, landed on the moon, became superheroes, performed martial arts and gymnastics, wrestled, climbed, drew and read some more … and then left home to head for our park shoot.  

Oh and did I mention that Alexandra is an incredible artist?  Please, visit www.alexandratouchaud.com and fill up on some true beauty.  To see how she has completed such an intensive creative project, while bringing up three confident and engaging children along with her husband Dominique, is at once humbling and inspiring.  The Touchauds are a Renaissance family in spirit and practice, and I am grateful that their love and respect for artistry extended to giving me the space and trust to practice mine.