What's that word where things work out in an unexpected but happy way?  Well, that's how I feel about this family session with the Lehnerts and their gorgeous baby girl Gabriella.  Esther contacted me via a recommendation from the talented Nina Tantzen Photography, needing to arrange a shoot in a hurry before they had to move homes.  With a bit of compromise on both sides, we managed to squeeze in a weekday session and I'm really rather glad that we did.  

Even though the Lehnerts had not started out looking specifically for a storytelling photographer, they were 100% game and committed to carrying out their cherished everyday routines in front of my lens.  I think this was the perfect way to commemorate their first home in Singapore as a family of 3 - not just with beautiful smiling portraits with their house as a backdrop, but with a series of images showing how they lived in that house, how they filled its spaces everyday with love and care and lots of baby cuddles.  As a rather super bonus I was able to create some of my favourite intimate images of all time - of Gabriella being bathed and nursed - so yes, serendipity, thank you.