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Nim & Tina, In Love | London Engagement Photography

I have known Nim - Nimbo - for almost a decade now, and have always thought of him as a stand up type of guy who deserves every happiness in life.  After moving from Fontainebleau to London together as part of the same graduating class, my partner (now husband) and I have seen him face life’s ups and downs with the same calm demeanour and big spirit, and have secretly wondered which lady would ever deserve to hold his hand in hers … and put a ring on it.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, there is talk of someone called Tina.  First a casual mention, an apology for not coming to dinner on one of our annual trips back to London.  A blink of an eye, one summer later and - what?  We bond over a first dinner meeting full of stories of sweetly awkward dates, and I make hurried mental notes in preparation for our engagement shoot the next day.  

But nothing could have prepared me for that morning.  Glorious weather on London’s South Bank ("too hot" grumbles the Singaporean me), an overly ambitious walking route based on my pre-parenthood, pre-middle-aged days, and these guys.  These guys!  Nim is a fun guy on his own, but Tina has a way of taking that sense of fun and encouraging it, stretching it, running with it until they are bumming skateboards off randoms and breaking into not-yet-open Wahaca to dance like they danced on one of their first dates there.

I had a blast - we can pretend to forget the bits when we were all tired and grumpy - and am so very chuffed to have hung out with them in such a meaningful way, in a neighbourhood that they regularly spend time in, recounting special memories and making new ones on a hot summer’s day.  I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate the new Mr and Mrs Nimbo in a few months!  

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