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HCA Hospice Care Home Visits

With the end of the Singapore General Elections 2015 comes renewed calls to move forward as a nation, and work together to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks.  I believe I have many friends and social media acquaintances with a desire to see more adequate social safety nets in place.  Hopefully we can come out of this period of introspection and debate feeling motivated to partake in solutions to the problems that we see.  

May I offer up HCA Hospice Care ( as another Singapore charity with a worthy cause ... their aim is to provide "comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses, regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, nationality and financial status".  One of their services is home hospice care, with multidisciplinary healthcare teams offering palliative care to patients and their families in their own homes.  

I was recently invited to tag along with one team and visually document the work that they do.  The photo essay here is the result of this collaboration, and I urge you to find out more through the direct, sincere and often (appropriately) humourous words of one of the team members here:  "Not just a doctor, a family member"